While selling our U.S. property and almost getting caught up in web ring of a realty group, title agency and accounting firm, I took it upon myself to contact Elena Hanson prior to the closing and I’m so glad that I did.
Elena’s masterful cross border knowledge and her proficiency in current tax laws saved us from a misguiding accounting company who pretty much wanted to capitalize on foreign customer’s lack of awareness. Just because you are on U.S. soil doesn’t mean you are at their mercy. I highly recommend Elena Hanson at Hanson Crossborder Tax Inc for all your taxation services, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Elena

DanielApril 27 2016

I have been extremely pleased with Elena Hanson. She is extremely well-versed on cross-border tax issues, energetic, diligent, efficient and prompt. She understands what needs to be done, and gets it done. A real pleasure to work with.!

FellowCelloAugust 2, 2013

Elena Hanson is an extremely professional, helpful accountant with extensive knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Liz CMarch 11, 2014

Thank you very much for preparation of our 2013 U.S. income tax return, and the numerous accompanying documents that were necessary. Thank you also for your patience and your explanations as we try to understand the tax implications of our dual citizenship. Your knowledge and expertise in these matters is formidable. We are most appreciative.

Shirley and WayneJune 16, 2014

Dealing with U.S. Internal Revenue is extremely difficult.  I could not have done it on my own.  With the help of Elena,I am finally having success.  I would highly recommend her.

Judy SFebruary 28,2016

Thanks Elena for your assistance this year.

I don’t like the outcome for me, but you were a pleasure to deal with. Professional, on time, well organized and very knowledgeable. Much appreciated!

Rob BApril 8 2016

We always love working with you, Elena!

Taxes are never “fun”, but I always learn a lot everytime we do this……..

Grant M

I really enjoy working with Elena. She is quite patent and understands all of the ins/outs of accounting both business and personal.

I have a reasonably large number of rental units, personal business and other income sources for which she provided a tax strategy that simplifies my North and South of the boarder filing.

She also continues to periodically check with me through the year to see how things are progressing.

I am quite happy with the service.

Cliffford WApril 2016

Elena is great, she knows her stuff, very responsive, energetic. I would not have dreamed of finding a better accountant to do our cross-border taxes which are very complicated. I am really really happy with the service she provides and would recommend her to anyone for cross-border taxes or even Canadian taxes.

Dalia HApril 2016

Cross-border tax is a complicated, and very frustrating process. I am a physician and worked across the border for some time and tasted the harsh consequences of double taxation. Then I met Elena, and found her to be the best person to guide through this frustrating process. She is the most thorough and knowledgeable CPA I’ve ever worked with, and that’s her key to save your hard earned money and maximize the returns. She is right there, always, when you need her.

Rehman SMarch 2016

Elena is in a word, terrific. She is knowledgeable, energetic and hard working yet equally relaxed and happy. Her calm, almost joyous reassurance regarding complicated tax matters is a God send to me who is generally caused anxiety by tax season. Her availability is noteworthy. The first time I called her office I was put on the phone with Elena herself who freely gave me a non-stop flow of information interspersed with a calming ‘don’t worry I’ll take care of this’ attitude. If I send an email at 10pm I am likely to get a reply at 10:05. She is not inexpensive but her efforts resulted in two governments owing me money rather than me owing them the $7000 the previous accountant had calculated. The best thing is that I feel certain my taxes are under control and done properly to the best advantage within the legal limit. Elena is money well spent.

Jeanne PApril 2016

Elena Hanson has been my accountant for many years and she is the best I ever had! I was an American working in Canada and Elena was extremely knowledgeable of international affairs. I didn’t think International tax accountants would give me financial advice, special tips about what to expect, what not to do, and what to focus on for next year. She gave me more information than my banker and financial adviser! I trust her because she is highly ethical, smart, and a go-getter! Her energy is intoxicating and she was always quick to get back to me anytime I needed her help. Elena works fast and with great accuracy. I would refer her to all my friends! She’s a gem!

Angela LNov. 21, 2014

Like many Canadians with American heritage I had been unaware of the US tax filing requirement. Luckily, I was referred to Elena who guided me through the steps needed to become compliant without penalty. The US tax system is more complicated than here in Canada, and I highly recommend Hanson Crossborder Tax Inc. for when you have to navigate those tricky waters.

Glenn MNov. 21, 2014

Elena Hanson, CPA, did a wonderful job on my US tax returns and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a cross border tax expert. She not only addressed my immediate needs but also provided some valuable future tax planning ideas. Her energy and seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of US tax law gave me great confidence that I was in good hands. She was easy to get a hold of anytime I had questions. Working with her was a great experience. Very Satisfied Client Toronto, ON

Norman HJune 23, 2014