Estate and Trust

Estate and Trust with Cross-border Filing Obligations

Having assets or family abroad or being an American citizen and…
Pensions Rentals

Crossborder Pensions Rentals and Investments

With globalization of the workforce it is not uncommon for Canadians…
Business Travelers

Business Travelers and Employees on International Assignments

Business Travelers and Employees on International Assignments Many…
expanding into the US

Canadian Businesses Doing Business or Expanding into the US

The US market offers enormous opportunities for foreign investors…
Snowbird Entry Exit Initiative

Canadian Snowbirds Entry Exit Initiative

If you are one of the Canadians who make an annual pilgrimage…
tax identification numbers

Tax identification numbers US and Canadian

  There are several types of tax identification numbers…
tax amnesty

Filers under US and Canadian Tax Amnesty Programs

Both US and Canadian tax systems are based on self-assessment…
american citizens lookng to expat

American Citzens Looking to Expatriate

  Despite US citizenship being the most coveted in the…
american citizens in canada

American Citizens and Green Card Holders in Canada and Other Countries

As a result of the US income tax provisions imposing residency…
crossborder divorce

Tax Implications in Crossborder Divorce

Everyone knows that breakdown in marriage is not only emotionally…