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Can we eliminate GILTI tax by making the 962 Election?

Pursuant to Barry v Commissioner, the courts concluded that dividends…
IRS Compliance Deadlines

4 Days Left for OVDP What's Next

On September 28, 2018, i.e. in four days, the IRS is terminating…

July 2: IRS Announces Five Additional Compliance Campaigns

Virtual currency and the repatriation of foreign profits under…

IRC Section 965, solution for your Repatriation Transition tax computation

If you are in the business of accounting, tax and/or law, you…
Florida Property

5 main things a Canadian should know before purchasing Florida real estate

 First and foremost, a Canadian should not create an LLC to…

Canada Tackles Tax Dodging, Tweaks Passive Savings Proposals

Canada’s latest budget proposes increasing tax authority resources,…