IRS building

GILTI Relief for US Individual Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has finally released proposed…

Equity compensation for independent contractors

This article was originally published on Feb. 21 2019 by The…
Section 965

The Anti-Abuse Rules under Transition Tax (Section 965) Final Regulations

Code Section 965 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act requires some US…
Business Travelers

The remote workforce: Tax perks, pitfalls and prevention

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IRS shutdown may lead to complications for Canadians

With the United States government shutdown in its fifth week…
Weekly Q&A

Can we eliminate GILTI tax by making the 962 Election?

Pursuant to Barry v Commissioner, the courts concluded that dividends…
IRS Compliance Deadlines

4 Days Left for OVDP What's Next

On September 28, 2018, i.e. in four days, the IRS is terminating…