Our Team Exclusively Focuses on Crossborder US and Canadian Tax Matters

What we do

We work directly with our clients and cooperatively with a wide variety of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and investment portfolio managers who understand the complexities of multi-jurisdictional tax exposure and reporting.

Our objective is to help our clients navigate through the many requirements of various foreign tax regimes, and assist them with both U.S. and Canadian tax laws and compliance obligations. This includes:

  • Meeting tax reporting obligations

  • Optimizing use of tax treaties, foreign tax credits, tax deferrals and entity classification

  • Reducing risk of international tax exposure

  • Dealing with US and Canadian tax authorities

Who We Are

Our team is a mosaic of talented and experienced professionals all of whom have extensive backgrounds in domestic or international tax. As trusted advisors, we believe that open and timely communication with our clients is fundamental to everything we do.

We are proud to be part of the Oakville community, a suburban town in the Greater Toronto Area. Our office is conveniently located in a business complex right off the QEW Dorval South Exit. It is only a 25-minute drive from downtown Toronto. We also have an office in Calgary.


The Hanson Crossborder Team

Fantastic job, I am very impressed with your ability to do all of this, although after meeting with you I figured you were well versed in cross border tax issues…. Read more “

Russel EOctober 14 2017

Elena Hanson has been my accountant for many years and she is the best I have ever had! I was American working in Canada and Elena was extremely knowledgeable at all international affairs… Read more “

Angela LNov. 21, 2014

 Like many Canadians with American heritage I had been unaware of the US tax filing requirement. Luckily, I was referred to Elena who guided me through the steps needed to become compliant without penalty… Read more 

Glen MNov. 21, 2014

Elena Hanson, CPA, did a wonderful job on my US tax returns and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a cross border tax expert. She not only addressed my immediate needs… Read more 

Norman HJune 23, 2014